Spark Origin

Solutions in Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry

Project Management and Consultancy

Spark Origin B.V. was founded in October 2005. This innovative company is a rich source of knowledge and experience.

Spark Origin develops, explores and exploits knowledge sources in the fields of physical chemistry, electrochemistry and artefact authentication. In the aforementioned disciplines we perform scientific research for our customers. This research can be done at the location of Spark Origin (for instance the theoretical part), at the customer's site, or at any other site necessary for the activities. Besides R&D-work in the form of project management and consultancy, we also assist in many other fields, among others trouble shooting, training, and anticipating new rules and legislation concerning emission of substances.

Our main activities are:

We have experience in several technical areas, among which

We aim at transparency in innovation. This offers excellent process quality control to our customers. Furthermore transparency is a prerequisite to further developments.