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What course do you really need to improve the performance of your people and company?

Technical courses are available in all shapes and sizes.

The most important aspect of courses for your company is the effect they have on the company's result. Do these courses really lead to better processes, to new products and to less production problems? What is the actual result of the course?

Learning new skills is one of the most important tasks for employees in innovative environments. We simply cannot do our work if we would rely on the things we learned in school or college. We have to extend our knowledge and increase our skills.

Where can you find a course that fits your company? Is there a course that immediately leads to practical results? We at Spark Origin can bring these courses to you! We realize that you first want a result for your company and that certificates are a means to an end.

How do we teach and what is the result? Spark Origin realizes that many technical subjects are difficult to master when not in college or in a dedicated course. We do not expect people to study physical chemistry or electrochemistry at home, alone and after a hard day's work. These subjects are simply not suitable for home study. We are convinced however, that everyone can learn about physical chemistry or electrochemistry and improve its skills. Of course everyone will do it at his or her own level and at his or her own pace. To improve the level in physical chemistry and electrochemistry we offer courses at various levels. These courses consist of a general part and a specific part, especially focussing on the company's questions and technical background. The courses can be given in groups or individually. All (chemical) subjects are explained by us, and your employee can train his or her newly acquired skills by solving practical or theoretical problems. Preferably, these problems are those that your company faces. This will give you the unique possibility of quick problem-solving by company employees as a direct result of the course. In the long term this will lead to less time loss at daily problems and a decrease in production failure.

5 October 2006: Workshop: Elektrochemie en Nikkel