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The founder

The FounderStefan Blankenborg was educated at Wageningen University where he studied Biology, Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry, and at the Free University of Amsterdam where he studied Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics. He did his Ph.D. at Utrecht University on an Electrochemical Subject. After receiving his Ph.D. he has worked for ten years for an Electrochemical Company where he was head of the Process Development Department. Together with his team members he developed a wide range of new products that found their way to different markets. Among these products are rotary screens for textile and paper printing, thermoformable metallized plastics for EMI shielding, 3-D-current collectors for Batteries and fuel cells, and many other products.

In 2005 he decided to start his own company. Now his company helps other companies to get the most out of their (chemical) processes. The specialized education and long experience guarantees optimal advice in process technology and product development.