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Rules and Legislation

If your company uses, processes or produces chemicals, then your work will be directly or indirectly influenced by legislation regarding chemicals. In order to protect individuals and the environment from chemical hazards, restrictions for the use of several chemicals have been introduced in the last decades. New legislation, often from Europe, may restrict the ways we work with several chemicals even further. Only very recently a European agreement was reached concerning a permit-duty for over 100,000 existing chemical substances.

In order to avoid a negative impact on business, necessary measures have to be taken in time. These can simply be measures to reduce exhaust of chemicals. In other cases larger changes are necessary, e.g. replacement of materials in the production process.

Examples from the past are the banning of mercury, although this represents only little economic value, and the increased legislation for chromium (VI). For the near future, new measures for metals and ions like nickel will impose new changes in processes and products.

Spark Origin can help you find your way in these complex matters. We can help you interpret the rules and laws that apply to your company, the impact of future rules and laws, and the actions to be taken to fulfil all legal requirements.

In some occasions (simple) changes in the production might be enough, in other cases new products that do not contain the forbidden chemicals have to be developed. We advise and assist in all these situations.