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Solutions in Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry

Project Management and Consultancy

Modelling and description of new and existing production processes

In what way can you get as much as possible out of your existing processes?

Companies that adopt physicochemical or electrochemical principles in their production continuously find new products and explore new markets.

If we only look at the electroforming industry, which itself is a niche industry, we encounter products of all kind like textile screens, graphic cylinders, metal foams, current feeders for batteries, mirrors, (micro) devices for medical applications, optical parts, razor screens, CD injection mould inserts, DVD moulding inserts, filters and many other applications.

The service life of a generation of products is becoming shorter. Therefore we need to design products to replace them. In other cases more efficient processes are needed.

To enhance the speed of development for processes and products, it is a prerequisite to understand the current processes in detail. A detailed description will open the gates to other ideas and unnoticed opportunities.

In other situations new developments start from "scratch". A smart knowledge management combined with good intellectual property policy can guarantee an optimal start.

Spark Origins offers project management and consultancy for modelling and describing processes and products, thereby clearing the way for the next generation of products or completely new products or processes.