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Profit is largely determined at the start!

Who has never had the experience that problems in a development phase seem to grow at the time when you had planned to be ready for the last phase in the development of a new product or process?

One of the central laws of research and development is that at the beginning time is your main concern while at the end your main concerns are people, machines and money. When you forget something at the beginning that seems a small detail, the consequences can be that you end up with huge expenses. It is for this very reason that profound feasibility studies at the start are very important

One of the central activities of Spark Origin is conducting feasibility studies.

We realize that in Research and Development feasibility studies are the key to success. A well performed feasibility study opens the door to successful development and good revenues. An incomplete or even absent feasibility study however, may lead to a lengthy and laborious development stage at too high costs and with a great risk of failure.

Do you look for experience and effectiveness in feasibility studies?

Spark Origin B.V. offers its knowledge and experience to help you with this work.

In a feasibility study we will cover all aspects of research and development in order to enable you to evaluate whether or not new processes or products should be invested in

We think that feasibility is more than just technical research. To optimize your prospects, we look for the best way to obtain intellectual property. We take into account the present and future consequences of rules and legislation. We will train key personnel when necessary and we will give you an adequate description of the project with which you will be able to start up and execute future research quicker.